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Latest News

  • March, 2014
    Mayzie has laid 2 eggs! The first one broke and has been pushed aside. Number 3 is on the way. - 26 March 2014
  • April, 2014
    We now have 4 eggs and the first one should hatch around April 20th. - 12 April 2014
  • May, 2014
  • June, 2014
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Myles & Mayzie!

Myles and Mayzie are a mating pair of White Bellied Caiques. They have been our pets since they were babies and began mating in 2012.

In 2013 we had two babies that were sexed and turned out to be a male and a female. These babies were "co-parented" and are healthy, friendly chicks. They went to their new owners in September.

This year (2014) we hope to have chicks ready for a new home in late summer. They will be priced at $850 each and will be DNA sexed prior to sale. Contact us via email and we will be happy to keep you updated. We only have one clutch of chicks available each year and we are located in central Illinois.


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