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  • For 2016 we decided to change our setup to prevent low humidity from affecting the outcome of the eggs. Our first year with eggs we left the nest box at room temperature and had 3 of the 4 eggs hatch. But the chicks failed to thrive when we did not add heat after the hatching.


    We left the box at about 75 degrees F when the eggs were in the nest. We have a temperature and humidity sensor on the box so we tried to maintain above 50% humidity.

    We use a monitor like the one above. The natural humidity is high enough here so that we did not need to add water or a misting system. As a result, 3 of the 4 eggs hatched which is a normal outcome for us. For some reason 1 of the eggs is typically infertile.


    After the last egg hatches we increase the box temperature using a heater to about 85-100 degrees F. We have found that 85-90 is optimal. At that point the parents will take care of the chicks and they will grow quickly. We just ensure plenty of food is available and we will give them anything they want. It might be a bad idea, but donuts are the preferred food.


    As of April 9th, 2016 all three chicks are looking great and they all have their eyes open.